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Talent Acquisition

According to The American Nurses Association (ANA), by 2022, there will be more nursing jobs available than any other profession in the U.S.!
Given this high demand, Registered Nurses will become essential for any healthcare organization and will no longer be easy to find just locally.
Visa Solutions Healthcare can help your organization navigate this nursing shortage and supplement your recruitment efforts by finding Registered Nurses worldwide that are highly qualified, loyal, and committed.
Our team of recruitment experts will find you the best available talent based on your needs and requirements. We also verify each of their nursing credentials and manage their immigration process and relocation, from interview to start date.

Healthcare Organizations

Our Solution

Unlike other agencies, we use the Direct Hire method. This means all the healthcare professionals in our program are directly employed by the healthcare facility instead of the agency. This gives you direct control over your employees and their job conditions, and their loyalty and commitment rely directly upon you!

Plus, Registered Nurses also prefer this type of relationship because they feel more secure inside the organization and have more control over their career choices.

What is a EB-3 Visa?

The EB-3 visa is an employment-based green card for skilled workers. This visa category allows experienced and fully credentialed healthcare professionals to live and work in the United States.

Once you offer a position to one of the registered nurses in our program, we guide them through the entire EB-3 visa application process. Our Credentialing and Immigration teams will handle all the necessary paperwork needed for successful placement in your facility.

We conduct clinical screening, background checks, credential verification and file all the documents necessary for successful placement. We also handle relocation and assist with acculturation resources needed to settle into their new community.

Our Benefits

Why Visa Solutions Healthcare?

Direct Hire

The preferred choice for nurses and healthcare facilities, eliminating dual loyalties from day one.

Global Reach

Our recruitment team sources top nursing talent from 70+ countries and expanding.

All Specialities

We provide Registered Nurses with high-need specialties, such as ER, ICU, telemetry, med/surg, and even Advanced Practice Nurses.


Save time on the recruitment process and gain long-term employees.

Customized Solutions

We source nurses who meet the specific job descriptions and skill levels you need.

Long-Term Commitment

The commitment time frame for registered nurses is three years, with the opportunity to continue.

Reduce Dependency on Travel Nurses

While travel nurses can always be part of your staffing plan for those temporary spikes in census, utilizing them to fill core staff vacancies is not a sustainable strategy. Our Direct Hire solution fills those core staff vacancies.

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